A well-known Australian outlet has reported that the coronation of the King Charles III could be canceled due to a series of events, including various public disorders in the UK. The monarch has faced many concerns in recent weeks, since he is getting closer and closer, which could be the better or the worse day of his life for King Carlos III.

Currently, the British royal house faces endless controversial and rumors, and has recently had to deal with several protests by the public most vulnerable to the crisis facing Europe, due to the Ukrainian conflict. Buckingham Palace has been heavily criticized for the disastrous waste of money and wealth by the “absurd” decisions of King Charles III.

The one that has caused the most furor among the English people has been the report of when money would cover the king’s coronation this May 6, and it is that the institutions have given figures of up to 100 million euros, which caused the indignation of a large part of the United Kingdom, since according to the media, they assure that with that money could solve the shortage of some of the goods of great relevance which the most vulnerable families face, due to the rise in prices of various basic necessity products.

Another of the decisions that has provoked public anger towards the British crown has been the order of King Carlos III to place his portrait in the main public buildings and institutions, for which a budget of 9 million euros was quoted. According to experts, King Carlos III is putting the “rope around his neck” with his own despair that the coronation ceremony goes perfectly as he wishes, since, in his eagerness to achieve it, he is overlooking several details that could harm the expected event.