He The prince Harry decided to meddle in television, thus becoming a very media character since he decided to leave the British royal family with his wife, Meghan Markle. Due to the media empire that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been creating, they have found themselves with no time for their interviews, much less for royal obligations.

One of the proposals received by the The prince Harry to carry out his career on television he arrived thanks to an invitation to become the presenter of the program «Saturday night Live«, or, on the other hand, they proposed that he appear as a surprise in some program.

For the SNL staff this was a very good idea and they thought that it could be a program with a lot of reception by the public, but this never came true and the reasons why they did not reach an agreement with him are unknown. The prince Harry for production.

It is known that if he prince harry Had he reached an agreement with the channel to have his own program, the attacks and hints to the Royal Family would not have been left behind, adding to that the number of questions and attacks that he was going to receive from the public.

Apart from that, after the success that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had with their documentary series on Netflix and the recent book released by the The prince Harry «Spare«, the production company Archewell has made the decision to launch a second program, which will be named «Prince Harry’s of Invictus«. Here the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will focus solely on supporting the sport and members of the retired military, thus seeking to improve their image, which has fallen sharply due to recent attacks on the British monarchy.