He King Charles III he constantly has to deal with many reporters and media outlets due to his high level of mandate in the United KingdomIn the face of this, he has almost always been quite calm, except on one occasion when he suddenly insulted a reporter from the channel BBCwhen he asked her some questions about what would be her future marriage.

In the company of his two sons prince william and the prince harry, King Carlos III was answering questions about the wedding that would be about to take place with Queen Camilla Parker. Apparently, Carlos III believed that they would not have heard the insult after answering a question, however, in a video the moment can be clearly seen.

In the resurfaced video it is evident when the reporter named Nicholas Witchellhe questions King Carlos III how he felt about the upcoming nuptials that he would be soon to carry out, he replied that he was fine, however, after a bit of silence and a sarcastic smile Carlos III murmured “I can’t stand this man he is so horribleit really is«.

About the moment, many people have commented that he was suddenly nervous and stressed because there was only a week left for the big wedding, or that the cold of the moment made the king simply explode, but in the same way they considered that nothing justifies his actions. .

The insulted reporter revealed that the monarch had not apologized to him for calling him this way, but paddy harversonthe king’s former press secretary, expressed that he really regretted saying this and it was not his intention to take out his anger on so many reporters on Nicholas.