The new King Charles III of the United Kingdom, has made a drastic decision after learning about some of the controversial statements that his son is making on prince harry in his memoir ‘Spare’, which will be released today worldwide.

As expected, Prince Harry’s controversial statements in his memoir book have not been liked in the least by his father or any of the other members of the British royal family.

That is why the King Charles III has begun to make the first decisions as a result of the events narrated in these pages, which are going around the world due to their controversial content.

The first thing the deceased’s son did Queen isabel II, is to eliminate the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle from the guest list of his official coronation as the new King of United Kingdom, a celebration that had not been celebrated for 70 years and that will undoubtedly be the event of the year in the iconic European country.

This decision would also be made based on the statements that the Dukes of Sussex they did in the documentary series that both premiered in Netflix, ‘Harry & Meghan’, which also focused on the experience that the couple had while they were part of the royal family at Buckingham Palace.

For now, it remains to wait to find out what the forthcoming measures that the monarch will be taking British as a response to the attacks that his kingdom has received from his youngest son and his daughter-in-law.

And you, do you agree with the drastic decision that the King Charles III?