After sharing with his fans his world tour “CONNECT: Don’t give up” the day October 22 in Los Angeles, The group of K-POP, OMEGA X preferred to return as soon as possible Korea fleeing from the incidents that occurred earlier.

The viral news and that the fans are waiting for happened last October 22 when the members of the group omega-x, they just finished their show, and were verbally and physically attacked by a femalecreating a moment of anguish for the singers.

The protagonist of the fateful incident is the executive director ‘K’ from the agency omega-xwhich inadvertently was being recorded by a fan, when he shouted all kinds of abusive comments against the group OMEGA-X; For the woman, it was not enough to yell at them in the street, but, in addition, she continued with serious insults until she arrived at the hotel, even when one of the members was in poor condition.

OMEGA X, a K-POP group was forced to take the first plane to KOREA due to constant abuse

As if that wasn’t enough CEO ‘K’generated a lawsuit in the hotel for which the police had to arrest her a couple of times, and also took the audacity to cancel the day’s flights October 23 of all the members of omega-x including the manager, being affected and needing to seek help to be safe at home.

Because of this and the insecurity of staying there, the group by their own means managed to fly towards Korea the October 24th.

As expected the CEO He is denying all kinds of accusations against him. Here we leave you the video in question.

For context, here is the report that we have about the abuses that the group received, in full public space.