Tensions continue to rise as the coronation of the King Charles III and possible assistance from prince harry and Meghan Markle. Although it has not been officially confirmed yet, it is expected that the royal couple will be invited to the event. However, Harry has stated that he will only attend if there is a prior conversation with his father and brother, who have already made it clear that there will be no meeting or an apology from them.

Tensions between the royal family and the Sussexes have risen sharply after the publication of the memoir “Spare” and promotional television interviews given by the prince harry. Friends of the couple have claimed that the couple is in the “limbo” and are considering “the million different variables that would affect your decision”.

If they decide to attend the coronation, the prince harry and Meghan they could face embarrassing and historic boos from the most loyal fans of the royals, who will be in the facilities of the westminster abbey. On the other hand, if they don’t attend, they could be left as the ones who rejected the King, which could affect their contracts with Netflix and Penguin Random House.

the real expert Richard Fitzwilliams he believes that security fears and the decline in popularity since the publication of “Spare” could motivate them to stay at home. However, those close to Harry say he wants to be by his father’s side on the most important day of his life and hopes to salvage his strained relationship with the royal family.

In addition, a plan has been rumored that Harry would attend the coronation without his wife Meghan, who would stay behind to celebrate their son Archie’s birthday in California. However, the survey Redfield posted by MailonLine suggests that the British want Prince Harry at the event, but not Meghan Markle.