The consequences of failure to pay property taxes before December 1 are named

Russians who own any real estate in the country must pay property tax before December 1. The consequences of non-payment were named by the editor of the financial marketplace magazine “Compare” Alexey Lossanhis words are quoted RT.

The expert recalled that citizens Russiawho own a residential house, apartment, room, garage, parking space, a single real estate complex, an unfinished construction project, other buildings, structures, structures, premises must pay property tax annually.

“This type of fee is considered a local tax – that is, the funds from its payment go not to the federal budget, but to the regional treasury. The amount of the tax is also determined by the local division of the Federal Tax Service,” explained Lossan, adding that the rate cannot be higher than 0.1 percent of the cadastral value of an apartment, residential building, garage and parking space. Objects with a cadastral value of 300 million rubles or more are taxed at two percent, and other property at 0.5 percent.

The specialist noted that all buildings on the territory of garden non-profit partnerships (SNT) are equal to residential buildings, and residents of apartment buildings do not pay common property tax. You can pay tax as follows: post office Russia, and online – using the “Pay Taxes” service or the “Taxpayer’s Personal Account for Individuals” from the Federal Tax Service.

If you do not pay your property taxes on time, penalties will be assessed. For example, with a debt of 10 thousand rubles, in accordance with the current level of the key rate, for every 10 days of delay you will have to pay an additional 50 rubles, the expert calculated.

In November for summer residents named a way to avoid paying land taxes.

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