The condition for the termination of US support for Ukraine has been named

USA will decide on support Ukraine depending on the situation at the front. If there is no success on the battlefield, funding will stop. Otherwise, it will intensify. This opinion was expressed in a conversation with by American political scientist Rafael Ordukhanyan.

“If Ukraine holds the line, and successes Russia will be minimal, funding will increase and accelerate. If our country moves to increased action, funding will be curtailed, politicians will begin to accuse each other of waste, but the train will have already left. A certain status quo will be established,” Ordukhanyan believes.

According to the political scientist, the question of reducing or continuing US support for Ukraine lies not in the financial, diplomatic or political planes, but exclusively in the military. Cessation of support will be possible only in the event of Russian military successes.

“If the appropriate decision is made, [президента Украины Владимира] Zelensky will be pushed aside by all the failures, his adventurous attempts to counterattack will be remembered, and Bakhmut will be remembered. At the moment, everything depends on the news from the fields, everything is decided there,” the interlocutor emphasized.

It was previously reported that USA congress calculates approve request from the administration of US President Joe Biden for assistance to Ukraine and Israelas well as to ensure the security of the southern border until the end of 2024.

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