Ticketland and MTS Live reported the loss of 30% of popular artists in Russia. Companies had to return about 500 million rubles to the audience due to cancellations and rescheduling of concerts, writes RBC.

Details. The RBC publication refers to the data of the head of MTS Entertainment, Mikhail Minin. MTS Entertainment is a subsidiary of MTS that combines ticket services Ticketland and MTC Live, they sell 23% of all tickets for entertainment events in Russia.

The companies returned about 500 million rubles to the audience due to cancellations and rescheduling of concerts and performances. Returns amounted to only 4.5% of total sales, adds Minin. According to preliminary estimates, the services sold more than 6 million tickets for the whole of 2022, 76% more than in 2021.

According to Minin, the main drop in sales occurred in March-April. Then the industry sank by 30% compared to the same period last year, and by the summer it began to recover. But after the start of “partial mobilization,” the market fell again, says Minin, with the number of cancellations and postponements up 270 percent. After the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the surge in cancellations amounted to 436%.

According to Minin, the concert industry will not be able to recover to the level of 2019 even in 2024.

Big Picture. Minin notes that the main reason for the loss of the concert market was the mass exodus of artists from Russia and the ban on performances by popular musicians who spoke out against the invasion of Ukraine. Among them are Alla Pugacheva, Zemfira, Little Big, DDT, Spleen, Valery Meladze, Manizha, rappers Noize MC, Face and Oxxxymiron.

Mikhail Minin believes that the formation of a new concert market may take four to eight years. He adds that “growing up an artist who can bring thousands of people to a concert will not work quickly.”

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