Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira was denounced by two of her former employees who worked for her in Spain, who affirmed that the interpreter is a “hostile, threatening and abusive person.

Some time ago, a former employee of Shakira He sued her along with his wife, who also worked for her in the city of Barcelona.

The employees affirmed that Shakira did not want them to sign an employment contract, so they were completely unprotected because they did not contribute to the social Security which is mandatory for any employee of the country Iberian.

The employees spoke of abusive working hours of up to 17 hours in a row, with a tense work environment in which there were even threats from the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’, who at that time was already living with the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué.

The complaint was executed in the court of services and social rights of Barcelona. And at that time, a journalist from the city of Miami He interviewed the couple during the judicial process.

“For 12 years, Shakira He has them as domestic employees. One day, Shakira asks him to heat the chicken, but he was very tired because she had been cooking for 17 people and he tells her that she can’t take it anymore. »

«Then, she replies that, if it wasn’t good for that, it wasn’t good for anything else. It was a shock that Shakira fired her staff over a piece of chicken. They were domestic employees, cooks, drivers and were in charge of maintaining the house. It was a very strong demand”, highlights Javier Ceriani, journalist.

However, and after a while, the lawsuit could not continue standing, since it was said that the workers did not have sufficient resources to have a legal team that backed them up against the legal team of Shakira, which, for logical reasons, was much more complete and professional.