This was the real commitment that forced miss Universe to renounce his position and crown, and fail to fulfill his obligations as Miss USA.

In the midst of accusations of fraud at the most important beauty pageant in the world, where Miss USA was accused of having mediated to win the contest, R’Bonney Gabriel faces new criticism and a real challenge, after her resignation from her crown and responsibilities as beauty sovereign was made public.

R’Bonney Gabriel Nola, the new one miss Universe, has announced that she has relinquished her crown as Miss America, and it has been revealed that she would have a new replacement. However, the true reasons for the news of her until today was an unknown topic.

Everything indicates that the reasons for abandoning her position are due to clearly responsible issues with her career, Miss United States has had to entrust her responsibility to a new beauty ambassador, because if she continued to be Miss USA Y miss Universe At the same time, it would not fully comply with its commitments.

Having the responsibility of being miss Universethe candidate had to leave USA, an act that would be contradictory to her responsibility as Miss USA. And since it is not an unknown subject, each new Miss is in charge of her many obligations and views to different countries representing the whole world.

For this reason and in order not to breach any duty, r’bonney has decided to cede his position to the candidate who ranked second in the coronation.