December 18, 2022, 05:52 – Public News Service – OSN

Battalion commander of the volunteer formation International Brigade “Pyatnashka” Akhra Avidzba announced plans to “go to treat the brain” abroad Donetsk People’s Republic. This information should from the publication of the news agency SM-News.

Based on his statements, his unit did not intend to stop the advance on the borders of the DPR. There has never been such a task.

“We are already going to treat their brain completely. And here there are no stops and there won’t be,” the military leader emphasized.

The commander of the formation noted that the Ukrainian troops may not hope for peace agreements.

According to him, the negotiation process has been going on all this time, it is a political tool. With the help of negotiations, exchanges of prisoners of war take place.

“But remember that nothing prevented us from cleaning up Debaltseve, which remained behind us. We signed the Minsk agreements, according to which everyone behind us is a terrorist organization. So we went to clean up. But politicians should mind their own business, and the army should mind its own,” Avidzba summed up.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, the commander of the operational command “South” of the Armed Forces Ukraine Andrey Kovalchuk made a statement that offensive actions of the Armed Forces should be expected in the near future RFexpressed in “millions” of military.