The colonel explained the reluctance of the West to supply Leopard 2 to Ukraine

Tanks T-72Mwhich the West can supply Ukraine instead of Leopard 2 are not inferior to modern models, and in many ways even surpass them. However, the promised supplies will not be enough for the country to succeed on the battlefield. A military expert, retired colonel, stated this in a conversation with Victor Litovkin.

“The T-72M is not inferior to Leopard 2, and even has a number of advantages. The T-72M has a crew of three, not four, has automatic loading, and this tank can fire anti-tank guided missiles. So Western countries largely protect Leopard 2 tanks precisely because they are on fire in Ukraine, and they don’t want to lose the authority of the advertised weapon,” says Litovkin.

In addition, according to him, if Ukraine is supplied with its own Leopard 2, the countries will have to take out loans from American banks to purchase new weapons, which no one wants to do.

Litovkin emphasized that Ukraine will not lose anything due to a possible refusal to supply Leopard 2.

“She was already sent the minimum amount of weapons, which would not be enough to win on the battlefield. In addition, the task is not for Ukraine to win, but for it to deplete Russiaweakened it economically and financially,” the colonel added.

Previously reportedthat there is no sign that Germany or any other country that has modern Leopard 2 tanks is ready to continue supplying them to Ukraine. An alternative could be the supply of older T-72M tanks.

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