The 2023 Met Gala was one of the most controversial and interesting in several years, due to the great surprises that the artists showed on the red carpet, modeling ostentatious costumes, like the one Jacquemus wore Bad Bunny or the spectacular look of Choupette de Doja Cat. But definitely, what caught my attention the most was the unexpected guest who would steal the attention of major media and entertainment media such as Variety and ELLE.

That’s right, a cockroach stole the leadership and it became the main attraction of the great event where several celebrities from music and fashion participated, thousands of users of social networks, took the appearance of the cockroach on the red carpet in the best way and even the memes were not given to wait, where many said that the insect took the Met Gala 2023.

Variety He decided to emphasize the appearance of the unexpected guest, where they even took pictures of her as if she were a model. Not all were jokes, since another large part of Internet users who were watching the gala criticized the organization of the event, pointing out the appearance of this cockroach as something completely disgusting and unsanitary.

Several of those present also expressed their discomfort with the appearance of the cockroach in an event of such magnitude, of course, until they remembered that they were in New Yorkwhere it is completely normal to see this kind of pest on the streets, due to the enormous system of sewers What is there in the city.