Ronen Ginzburg at the national team.
| photo: David vb

Lacina, who is also the centerpiece of the Czech judicial team, led Krplek to the second Olympic gold. After a hurry in the category up to 100 kilograms in Rio de Janeiro 2016, his fiancé triumphed in Tokyo even among the best judokas. For basketball players, it was a dream come true on their part in the Olympic Games, led by coach Ginzburg.

The winnings in the main individual and dark categories are the same as in 2019, when coaching individualities were last awarded. Last year, in 2020, they received the award of generally unbreakable friction, which motivated the saints to sports during the coronavirus pandemic.

This time, the hockey discoverer was once the world hockey champion and three-time Olympic champion Ester Ledeck Jan Klap. This category has been announced since 2013 and is looking for the first coaches of current personalities in Czech sports.

Luk Krplek and coach Petr Lacina in the second round of the judist over 100 kg at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

With the help of these flax, the Trenčian s slvy grew. Rudolf ern, Svatopluk ek, Petr Topiarz and Zdenk Slma in memory were introduced. Athletic coach has been working at the Dukla crack since 1994, where he specializes in otp and all-around. He reached the biggest Trenčian show with Barbora Potková, who led him to Olympic gold and bronze and a world record.

ek is a strong personality of eskho boxing. Sm actively competed, in 1977 he won bronze at the European Championships. Until 2008, he led the Czech boxing team. He was with the Rudolf Region Olympic Silver in Sydney in 2000 and two Luke Konenho bronze medals from the world champions in 1997 and 1999.

Topiarz was together with Vclav Drbohlav a long-term coach in the yachting department of TJ Tatran Prague. His hands pass hundreds of children, including the two Olympic Games, Veronika Kozelsk Fenclov.

Slma was a rugby representative, a teacher and thus a coach who, after a long time, contributed to the renewed tradition of university rugby. The representative must be an academic who won a second place at the Academic European Championships in Italy. In 1977, the FIRA International Rugby Federation awarded him the Medal of Merit.

Since 2012, only 29 out of 29 sports have entered the Sn slvy train.