The city of military prowess Mikhailov met the Victory Day

On Victory Day, the Mikhailovites talked about their native front-line soldiers, sang front-line songs.

The culmination of the procession of the Immortal Regiment is a rally on the central square of the city of Mikhailov. Here the two wings of the “Immortal Regiment” joined. Mikhailovtsy congratulated each other on civil Easter – Victory Day.

Deputy Minister for Territories and Information Policy of the Ryazan Region Ivan Ushakov He went to the podium with a portrait of his mother.

Ivan Ushakov:

“I greet you on behalf of the Governor of the Ryazan Region, Nikolai Viktorovich Lyubimov. Dear Mikhailovites, I came to you with a portrait of my mother Alexandra Sergeevna Ushakova. Here at the bottom right of this photo is the date – 1945. Then she was only 17 years old. And she went to work at 14. She worked at the Kashirskaya state district power station and on the railway, so she looks a little older than her years. Then they did everything to ensure that the Victory came as quickly as possible.

On the other side of the picture is my mother’s medal. This is not a picture, this is a real medal, which she received at the same time, in the summer of 1945. For valiant work during the Great Patriotic War. She very rarely wore this award. She kept saying that she didn’t do anything special, she just worked. She worked so that the Victory would come. I mean, we all have to work hard. Our new victory over Nazism is also not far off. And here, in such small towns of the Ryazan region, we must bring it closer with all our might. Thank you very much for participating in this meeting and keeping the memory of the heroes.”

The head of the district administration congratulated the Mikhailovites on the holiday Evgeny Sidorov:

“I cordially congratulate you on the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory! In these days of May, we are honoring a generation of heroes. Preserving historical truth for posterity is our main task. But not everyone has learned the lessons of history. The threat of Nazism again hung over the world. Our sons and brothers are fighting this disaster in Ukraine. We will be worthy of the glory of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, we will not allow fascism to come to our Motherland.”

The Mikhailovites were congratulated on Victory Day by the chairman of the district council of veterans, Vladislav Ivanovich Moskvitin; Archpriest Sergiy Arsentiev, Dean of the First Mikhailovsky District.

On Lenin Square, the song “Immortal Regiment” was performed by the authors Denis Kochanov and Alexander Kamenshchikov. Warriors-internationalists marched in formation to the melodies performed by a brass band; liquidators of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Cadets, members of the Yunarmiya; kindergarten pupils.

After the rally, songs about the war and the Victory were sung in the square, and all the guests were treated to tea and buckwheat porridge from the field kitchen.