The Chuchkovskaya column of the “Immortal Regiment” was headed by a festive cortege with veterans

On May 9, the parade of the “Immortal Regiment” in the village of Chuchkovo began from the Chuchkovo school with a procession of residents of the area with Russian flags and portraits of their ancestors who defended the world. The column proceeded along the streets of Novaya and Pochtovaya to the obelisk to the soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. The procession was led by veterans in an open-topped UAZ car and festively decorated with ZIL-157 banners from the Vyshgorodsky SPK.

A rally was held on Lenin Square.

The floor was given to the only present veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Vladimir Timofeevich Kopeikin. He said that when he went to the front in 1943, his father was already at war. Mom had died by that time, and only young sisters remained in the house.

“The path to victory was not easy, but we survived,” the veteran said.

Representative of the regional government Igor Krivozubov congratulated the Chuchkovites on Victory Day, conveying the best wishes for peace, goodness and health from the Governor of the Ryazan Region Nikolai Lyubimov. The leaders of the district and people’s representatives, public figures spoke.

On behalf of young contemporaries, Anastasia Zameshaeva, a high school student of the Chuchkovskaya school, conveyed gratitude to the older generation who defeated fascism.

At the foot of the obelisk lay wreaths and Christmas tree garlands from the military personnel of military unit No. 3651 and heads of district organizations. Fresh flowers – from a grateful generation of Chuchkovites.

The celebration continued with a concert at the regional House of Culture. The program includes songs of the war years and dance numbers performed by the choreographic ensemble “Inspiration”.


Alexey Kondrashov, head of the district administration:

“Today we bow low to all our dear veterans for giving life to all mankind. They did the impossible, defeated, it seemed, death itself. Today in Ukraine and then, 70 years ago, on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, our cause was and remains right! Victory will be ours! Hooray!”

Nikolai Mitrokhin, deputy of the Ryazan Regional Duma:

“My dear countrymen! Today we proudly hold portraits of our fathers and grandfathers, great-grandfathers. Thus, we show the whole world that our generation in the fight against Nazism, dying in Ukraine, is worthy of its grandfathers. Our military today are completing what their ancestors did not complete. We already have several dozen Heroes of Russia who are fighting Nazism. And we are proud of their feat!”