In this discriminatory way, the children of Shakira and Gerard Piqué they are referring to their father’s new girlfriend, it is likely that the model does not cause them good feelings.

The relationship between gerard and clear that began as an infidelity towards the singer Shakira, apparently it is going well and with the passing of the days it has consolidated more, to the point that the former defense of the Barcelona published his first official photograph on his instagram with her. However, there is an obstacle that could prevent the relationship from continuing successfully.

minors Sasha and Milanproduct of the Spanish relationship with the singer, it seems that they have not taken the fact that their parents are separated on good terms, and contrary to respecting their father’s new girlfriend, they refer to her in a way that is far from pleasant .

Sasha and Milan from 8 and 10 years respectively, have understood that if it were not for chiaher parents still stay together, and have referred to her simply as “friend» from his father, because they don’t want to give him the authority to be something more than that.

and although Pique He has tried to show her off on his social networks and public events as his new girlfriend, and perhaps his future wife, the Spanish’s children could never call her that, because it was not a place that was earned on good merits.

Shakira The mother of the minors has also advised the minors to avoid being with Clara, since she knows her scope. At the same time that Pique she is afraid of spending time with her children and herself, as she is unaware of the level of disappointment that the subject may cause in minors.

The truth is that the model must find some way to have a good bond with the two children, if she wants to avoid a separation with the former soccer player.