The Princess Eugenia It seems that he did not have his best day because of the prince harry Y Meghan Markle, who would have done something that would ruin your wedding completely.

Royal weddings are extremely important in the royal family, but to perform them you have to follow a long list of royal orders and ideals that if not carried out could lead to serious consequences.

It is known that weddings are the greatest gesture of love by a couple and for some it is considered the “best day of their lives”, so it is very important that everything goes according to plan.

For some of the royals, this act was very nice and more because of the important event that was taking place, however, for some others it was a decision that would make them angry.

The wedding brought together many members of royalty and this would have been the reason why the prince harry Y Meghan Markle they made the decision to make an announcement, without thinking about the consequences that this could bring to some members of the family.

Thanks to the stories of Harry in his book it is known that at that moment he and Meghan They were expecting their first child Archie, news that only the two of them knew and they decided that it was time to reveal that secret to their family. For this reason they decided to break the news in the middle of the wedding of the Princess Eugenia.

Reactions were very divided, as the King Carlos IIthe The prince William Y Kate middleton they took the news in the best way and congratulated them, but, on the other hand, the bride would not have taken it in a good way, since she felt that the news of Archie’s arrival stole all the attention on her special day.

Princess Eugenia was not the only one to make the decision of the The prince Harry Y Meghan in a “bad” way, since her mother, Sarah Ferguson, was also angry about this decision.

The royal experts Dylan Howard Y Andy tilletThe daughter and mother said they were very angry because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took all the attention from her at her wedding. Although it is known that this was completely in the past, it seems that the Princess Eugenia He does not have any kind of problem with the Dukes of Sussex.

Do you think that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did well to give that news in the middle of Princess Eugenie’s wedding?