The last episode of Run BTS It is now available on YouTube and it has left very funny moments for the group’s fans. On the other hand, it has also created nostalgia, since in it you can see that the member Jin appears, but at this moment the singer is doing his mandatory military service.

In this new episode, all the members of bts they compete by playing soccer on a field filled with foam, which not only causes them to lose their balance several times, but also brings lots of laughter to the onlookers. Among the funniest moments of the show is when MRIone of the members of btsshows that he does not have much skill in the sport, drastically missing a penalty.

However, there were also moments in which the members of bts showed their great teamwork and soccer skills, except for jungkook and Jimin, because they generated chaotic moments in the episode. The two members were making a mess and sometimes they didn’t give importance to the game, something that was criticized a little on the networks.

Despite that, what made the episode more exciting was when jhope he made a spectacular goal and celebrated in a very funny way, which caused the other members to join in his celebration and everyone ended up laughing.

For ARMY, this episode of Run BTS It has been one of the most memorable and exciting of the series, and there is no doubt that the members of the group will be missed while they are on hiatus for their military service. However, thanks to this episode, fans will be able to remember the best moments of bts in the series until the group is back together.

You can watch the full episode here: