lady Gave and her marriage to the Prince, today King Carlos IIIt was not easy at all. From the moment they got married, they always lived moments of lies. Since although she was totally in love with Carlos, he showed that her interest was totally in Stretcher Parkerso after Diana discovered the romance between them, she decided to make a few changes in her life.

As everyone knows, the love affair between Carlos II and Stretcher Parker it hurt a lot lady Gave and she had various reactions to this news. One of them was that she changed the way she dressed.

Princess Diana always tried to show romantic details to Carlos III, this because she always wanted to impress him, but the only thing she received from him was rejection and ridicule. However, she decided to insist until she finally found out that Carlos was unfaithful to her.

It was in those moments where Lady Di knew that there was nothing to do to recover the relationship they had. he was the designer Jason Brundson the one who revealed one of the experiences that happened with Princess Diana, where she showed him the bad time she was going through.

Faced with this situation, they decided to make a change in lady Gavefor that reason the designer went with the stylist John Bailey and between the two of them they sought to fix her hair and see what kind of accessories the Princess could use.

At that moment the designer noticed some shoes Chanel that they were perfect for the change Diana was receiving, but the response he received was not what he expected.

The designer revealed that Diana’s eyes were full of tears, her voice began to crack, and she said that she loved the shoes, but she couldn’t wear them due to Carlos and Stretcher.

Thanks to these stories it is known that the Princess Diana She went through a bad time since Carlos decided to leave her alone with the pressure of the media and that the memories hurt her a lot.