The “chainsaw economist” and opponent of cooperation with Russia won the presidential election in Argentina. What to expect from him?

Opponent of entry Argentina V BRICS and cooperation with Russia, far-right politician Javier Miley from the opposition libertarian coalition “Freedom Comes” won the second round of the presidential election, gaining 55.72 percent of the vote, according to the results of counting 98.85 percent of the ballots. The TV channel reports this El Trece.

His rival, Economy Minister and right-wing candidate Sergio Massa, has already admitted his defeat and congratulated his opponent on his victory and wished him good luck. “The results were not what we expected,” he concluded.

The rise of Miley, little known some time ago, was a consequence of the difficult economic situation in the country. Miley is distinguished by extreme populism; he advocates dollarization of the economy, privatization, including in the field of education and health care, and refusal to cooperate with China, Brazil and Russia in favor USA And Israel. In addition, the new leader of Argentina opposes the country’s entry into BRICS. The politician, nicknamed the “chainsaw economist,” intends to greatly cut budget spending. In addition, he threatened to disperse Central Bank countries.

After the victory, Miley made his first statement

The elected head of state has already spoke with your first statement. According to him, as a result of the second round of presidential elections, the pattern of decline has come to an end and “today the restoration of Argentina begins.” He stressed that Argentina’s commitment is democracy, free trade, peace.

We will work with all countries of the free world to build a better future.

Javier Miley

President-elect of Argentina

Miley also said that there is now “no room for half measures” in Argentina, and noted that his government will “exactly comply with its obligations.”

One of the first world politicians Miley congratulated with victory, ex-president of the United States Donald Trump. He used a phrase that became a symbol of his 2016 election campaign. “You will change your country and make Argentina great again!” – said the American politician. The phrase echoes the slogan Make America Great Again (MAGA) – Trump’s own political slogan.

Moscow hopes to increase friendship with Buenos Aires

Russia hopes to increase its friendship with Argentina and hopes that the new president will remain committed to multipolarity. So Miley’s victory commented Russian Ambassador to the country Dmitry Feoktistov.

The diplomat added that Moscow hopes to strengthen cooperation with Argentina under the new cabinet of ministers and is ready to work together regardless of the political situation. According to him, Russia will always remain a friend for Argentina, ready to lend a helping hand, and he is confident that this attitude is also inherent in the Latin American country.

Argentina has already ruled out the country’s joining BRICS

Candidate for the post of Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino has already excluded the country’s entry into BRICS. According to her, she “doesn’t know why there is such interest” in the merger. In turn, the deputy head Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Ryabkov saidthat Moscow welcomes Argentina’s invitation to BRICS and the intention of Latin American countries to join the activities of this association.

In addition, Mondino statedthat Argentina will stop interacting with the governments of China and Brazil. This is how she answered the question whether Argentina will encourage exports and imports with these countries. At the same time, currently Beijing And Brasilia are the main trading partners of Buenos Aires.

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