On Thursday, the Civic Swimming Pool experienced something it had never experienced before. They organized “True South Bohemia” there Karlos Vémola and Lela Ceterová. It was supposed to be their big day as they confirmed their love in front of more than 200 guests.

As Expres informed this controversial couple right after the ceremony, their betrothed, the actor Jiří Krampol (84), was not authorized to marry the bridegroom and the bride. That wouldn’t have mattered so much, the worse thing was that the registry office was missing from the “wedding” and of course also the official book where the official union is entered. And with that, a lot of questions began to arise.

“It was just so much fun, the show. Karlos loves it. Human, who does this kind of sport needs the theater and attention for that. And the wedding was really megalomaniacal and beautiful.” he told Expres Krampol.

Karlos finally sees his desired bride.

Karlos finally sees his desired bride.

But why such a theater for wedding guests and fans? Did they get married in advance, or are they not even planning it at all? Express was contacted by a source who was supposed to be at their alleged real wedding.

“They have been married for six months. The wedding was in the circle of the family, there were around 35 people at a well-known place in Prague,” he wrote to us.

They showed the wedding rings.

They showed the wedding rings.

But getting to the private ceremony was not easy, it was only for the chosen ones who know how to keep silent. According to his information, the invitees had to sign a promise of confidentiality, otherwise they would not be admitted to the ceremony. And what else did they have to undergo?

“They were made aware of a nondisclosure agreement in the form of a document that everyone had to sign. And the agreement that he must not provide any details and photos until Karlos gives his consent to publication.” added a friend of the famous couple.

Karlos dances with his bride Lela.

Newly married kiss.

Neither the MMA fighter nor the plastic queen have commented on the doubts as to whether they are dating at all. They didn’t tell the truth about how it was with their official marriage, why they kept it under wraps and why they had a performance at the Civic Boat for a lot of money, but without an official consecration.