The Central Bank praised the new trend in TikTok about saving and budget planning

Talking on social networks about ways to save and plan a budget can be useful for achieving financial goals, says Olga Milova, head of the financial literacy department of the Main Directorate of the Central Bank for the Central Federal District. New trend on TikTok praised in a conversation with

It is noted in USA social network users began to massively record short videos where they talk about strategies for increasing income, saving and planning expenses. According to Milova, this trend can be useful, since such videos use specific examples to show what financial literacy is and how it works in real life.

In addition, boasting about income and expenses on social networks is also useful for bloggers themselves, Milova is sure. She explained: when a person talks to others about ways to save and plan expenses, he has an incentive to stick to the chosen strategy and achieve the goal. “The word given to friends or subscribers to start budgeting will force them to fulfill their promise,” Milova concluded.

Previously reported, that it has become fashionable on TikTok to show off a luxurious life. Children of rich parents began to massively publish videos in which they showed expensive clothes and jewelry.

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