Yesterday, a famous Latin seer, has released an unfavorable prediction about the romance that the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué has with the young Clara Chia Marti, woman with whom he replaced his ex-partner, the Colombian singer, dancer and composer Shakira. Given this, the warning of a possible break in the athlete’s new love is made known.

the seer Victor Florencio, better known as “The Child Prodigy” has surprised many after announcing its predictions about the relationship that Piqué has with the young Clara Chia.

Florencio opened the topic assuring that the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc feel very good right now “engaged” in their relationship, thanks to all the bullying his girlfriend has received after separating from Shakira.

“The energy I feel is commitment: he feels very committed to her, to the family, like he feels very sorry -for her-“, said the podcast host. Your Destiny (Pitaya).

However, what has attracted the most attention is what he has said about Clear, claiming that he sees in her something “very dark”:

«You see her quiet but she has her thing, there is a Gerard Piqué in her life and there is another, there is another person, I don’t know if it was a boyfriend but that person is still there. She has something dark, black, behind her that one day it will be known,” said the seer.

Immediately after making those statements, various netizens have expressed in their social networks their respective comments, where many assure that they do not see a “future” in the relationship either Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti.