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| photo: Karel Peek, MAFRA

As an employee of a slot machine business, she did not want to win games for her own use. The company caused a code in the amount of 570 thousand crowns, described by the Zlín police Monika Kozumplkov.

The misappropriation of funds occurred in the period from last year to January this year, she added.

The director of the company with slot machines, who filed a criminal complaint against his employee working in the branch in Zlín, was responsible for the irregularities in ethnicity.

During the trial, the detective found out that the woman had withdrawn more pensions from the cash register in a total of twenty-eight cases, not in fact as a casino operator paid the winners. In the same period, it deposited a total of 221 thousand crowns in several deposits in several deposits.

The woman admitted that she drained her difficult financial situation, with the fact that she spent the rest of the embezzled pension for food and gave the household’s other needs. Now the grape and ptilet are married.