The case of the death of a 13-year-old teenager in the Sarajevo district was sent to court

In October 2021 in the village of Yagodnoye, Saraevsky district 13-year-old moped rider dies.

At 20.30 the guys were returning from volleyball from the Muravlya school. The moped driver lost control and ran into heaps of clay that remained on the road after the construction of the water pipe.

The 15-year-old moped driver was injured in the crash. He was taken to the hospital. Currently, nothing threatens the health of the teenager. His 13-year-old passenger died at the scene.

According to the acting head of the Korablinsky Interdistrict Investigation Department Alexei Mastyukov, the investigation found that during the construction work, the operator of the installation for punching and horizontal drilling of the soil of one of the enterprises of the region did not fence off the pit. In addition, the section of the road was not lit. As a result of the driver’s violation of safety rules, the moped driver ran into an artificial embankment and the moped turned over.

The case with the indictment was sent to the court for consideration.