Reisr Ruben Ostlund first won the Palme d’Or for the best shot of this year’s Cannes Film Festival (May 28, 2022).
| photo: Reuters

The Viennese traveler Stlund won the Golden Palm for the second time, this time for a satirical film about the weekly relations and the collapse of society.

The second most prestigious Grand Prix was won by Claire Denisov from France for Stars at noon and the youngest Belgian contestant Lukas Dhont for Close.

The price for reii is from South Korean Pak chan-uk for the film Heeojil gyeolsim (Decision to leave).

Zar Amr Ebrahmov won the prize for best acting performance for her role in the film Holy Spider (Les Nuits de Mashhad). According to the actual event about a murderous murderer who deals with a sex worker in the town of Mahad, she has included a novelty. Hereka has been living in France since 2008, thanking the country for receiving the price.

According to the jury, Song Kang-ho from Jin Korea in the film Beurokeo (Broker) about a family who is trying to find a new home for a great child gave the best acting performance in the lead role. The actor for five years played in the film Parasite, which won the Golden Palm three years ago.

A total of 21 films competed for the main prize in Cannes this year. The jury, chaired by French actor Vincent Lindon, decided on these.

The Czech Republic was not represented in the main competition this year. In the Cannes Classics section, the film Vry Chytilov Sedmikrsky was presented in a digitally restored form.