Mikhail Andryushenkov, a cadet of the Budyonny Military Academy of Communications, died at the training center in Sertolov. About it writes “Fontanka” with reference to Andryushenkov’s wife.

The death of her husband, who was in his fifth year, was reported to Catherine on November 23. Colleagues told her that he died in his sleep. Ekaterina told Fontanka that the doctors indicated acute respiratory failure and bilateral pneumonia as the preliminary cause of death.

Ekaterina wrote a statement to the military prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg, where she said that during her service, her husband twice complained to the doctors of the educational institution about his health: in December 2021, he suspected that he had a coronavirus, and in February 2022, he was worried about his knee joint. However, in none of the cases did he allegedly receive help and vowed to go to the hospital.

According to Ekaterina, a week before his death, Mikhail had a fever, but this time he did not ask for help. At the same time, the officers released him from the outfits and allowed him to lie down for a day, the cadets told the woman.

The Fontanka Academy was told that they regretted the death of the cadet, while claiming that he did not complain about his health. They also said that the university paid for the funeral in full, and the wife would receive the cadet’s allowance for November and a monthly bonus.

Previously “Paper” toldthat two mobilized from Karelia in the military unit at the same Academy of Communications complained about a sharp deterioration in health, but the unit refused to hospitalize them.

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