Every evening, people at the entrance to the Pardubice region can find out whether their bus service will run the next day or not. Transport organizer Oredo publishes an excellent table of unrepaired buses on its website.

It’s inconvenient, but the other way to find out if the bus isn’t coming is basically not. This is a big problem, especially for the elderly.

For example, the information board on the bus all week long bus ride, which never arrived. There are currently no systems set up for this. We do not have the means to be able to remove the buses that we are told will not run, said Oredo CEO Petr Moravec.

He added that the current situation is unprecedented and during the entire history of the regional transport integrator, it has never happened.

The IDS Iredo mobile application, which offers a map with bus and train locations, is not much better either. The bottom, but the bus that didn’t run, doesn’t exist for her.

Technically, it is not possible for the passenger to see in the application a connection that does not work. I don’t want to speculate on how much it would all cost. How many people in addition, how many people on new software. Let’s talk about millions. We started to spread out the table of extraordinary things at the end of the year, when people in Orlickoostecko stopped riding. Until then, nothing was needed, said CEO Oreda.

Selhv i popular search Idos. From day to day there was no information that the connection did not work at all.

Unclear web pli nepome

There is no provisional measure, no current list of remote connections is pasted on all of them. After a week, there are no people in the black room who would help the passengers. So there is only one way. Unclear website or try to call Oredo.

It is possible to call our infoline 491 580 333 in the evening and get the information, the Oredo call center operator answered an e-mail inquiry from MF DNES.

Due to the confusing tactile table on the site Oredo is becoming me. In the evening, the passenger will find out that the morning bus will not work for him. The next day the bag gave me the impression that the bus passed him, because the connection in the table is not.

As soon as the bus leaves the route hypothetically on a specific day, it disappears from the table. But sometimes not either. Nmstek hejtmana Michal Korty admit that the first in the information passengers see a large reserve.

We need the people to know that it will not work for them to come in accordingly. I see the biggest problem in that, said the deputy governor Michal Korta.

The mistake made to go before the bus outbreak of the crisis related to the passage of new carriers. The dog was unable to present the region at all on its bus company Oredo.

Instead, the information office was waiting for passengers, because the carriers agreed on suitable conditions with the operators of city information centers and trade.

If the people do not read the press at first, the Pardubice region does not read on their way, nowhere do passengers find out that they will be traveling by new low-cost air-conditioned buses with wi-fi connection from June 12.

Anyone who has not asked the idea that I can use the various tickets of the Iredo tariff via QR code on a smartphone or that you can pay for a ticket on a new machine with a payment card, you still do not.

The website of the Pardubice Region has five press releases, instead of containing a clear link that allows passengers to find a list of canceled connections. He is there, but included among the links, such as steam train rides and boiler subsidies.

BusLine also contributed to the chaos.

This week, Luk Vclavek wanted to enter an IREDO IP card in Lankroun. He did not march either to the bus station, where the contact point with the new carrier ended, or to the new city, where it was supposed to operate from Monday.

On the bus station, they told me that the card was to be issued in the city hall. When I called there, he told me that even when he urged it, it didn’t work for them yet, and I would try to ask for a week or enough to fill in the internet card, he said.