Through some statements given by himself suga, the member of bts confessed that he has a different plan than meeting with his classmates after finishing his compulsory military service, which aroused interest in the army about what is most important to him after completing his obligations as a South Korean citizen.

In the midst of his preparations before leaving for mandatory military service, Suga confessed on his show ‘SUCHWITA’, that he plans to create a production house for hip-hop artists, where he plans to continue consolidating his distinguished career as a producer and rapper.

For that reason, the idol stated that before rejoining bts, he will found his own record label, since it is one of his biggest dreams and he believes that at that moment, it will be just the time to make it come true.

Let’s remember that suga will do alternate military service, more directed at the service Social, because of a problem that he has in one of his shoulders, and that makes it impossible for him to do various military activities that demand a high physical level and that could cause him more problems in that area of ​​the body.

However, this social service could last longer than the military man, speaking of even two full years to be able to meet all the requirements.