A army mexicana has become the envy of the fanbase of bts, and is that the member jungkook had an unexpected encounter with this girl, who decided to share it in a video that has gone viral in all the networks of the fans of the South Korean septet.

Jungkook, the golden maknae and minor member of BTS, has caused a sensation in networks after being seen at a Christmas party of a Mexican ARMY.

A faithful fan of the group fulfilled one of her biggest fantasies after Jungkook surprised her at a party and became the envy of the ARMY

The video that was originally posted on TikTok, It has already gone viral on all social networks and has caused endless comments among fans, as the girl received nothing more and nothing less than a giant image of Jungkook made of cardboard as a gift.

Although it is rare, this type of gift has already become a request for many fans of the kpop. Even, a while ago, a video went viral where a young ARMY proposed to a gigantography of Jimin, another member of Bangtan.

The truth of this is that, despite the fact that it was not originally about Jungkook, there were many fans who expressed their envy for the girl, since there are many ARMYs who also want to have a giant cardboard image of their idols favorites.