The British royal family is being accused of sending confidential information of the prince harry Y Meghan Markle to the media, in order to create controversy about them, and thanks to this they have earned some extra money.

The British crown is facing a new crisis, after a source affirmed that they would be responsible for the media circulating false information about the life and acts of the Dukes of Sussexapparently they are the main responsible for all the controversies created towards them.

After the prince harry and his family will abandon their position as royal members, discriminatory versions have emerged towards them, pointing to their disloyalty to royalty.

This version of his lack of commitment to royalty would be based on false facts, because as the prince harryhis departure was due to an act of force majeure, which was wanting to protect his family from discriminatory attacks against his wife Meghan Markle, and their two little children.

On the contrary, now the prince accuses the Royal family of selling information about them to the “offensive media” with false accusations, which is why they have been criticized by millions of people.

There are people who do not understand or do not want to believe that my family has been reporting to the press.”the duke said in an interview.

The prince has cataloged the press as “harmful» when it issues information about Meghan Markleand assured that this time he will not remain silent to protect royalty as he used to.