Recently, the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle they would have been chased in their car, by what seemed to be very aggressive paparazzi, after this incident the princes of Sussex have not received a message from the British royal familysomething that has puzzled many of the fans.

The Sussexes’ spokesman said Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, suffered a persecution of cars for at least a couple of hours, and the British royal family has not even contacted Prince Harry after suffering the near catastrophic persecution in the United States.

According to the magazine PEOPLEHarry has not had contact with any member of the royal family, after this incident that could have ended in something more serious. The media would also have contacted the Buckingham Palace and the kensington palacewhere none ruled on this incident that scared the youngest son of the King Charles III.

The british royal house has been avoiding talking about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle ever since these abandoned their positions as royals in the year 2020. For their part, The Telegraph has said that Prince Harry is extremely frustrated by the apparent lack of personal touch that his family has on him.

«The lack personal touch, as well as the denial by Buckingham Palace to publicly acknowledge or even comment on the incident is understood to have let the couple down, friends close to the couple said they could have received more support, particularly on a personal level“, reported the medium.