The British royal family once again fears what may happen to royalty, this due to the statements that will emerge after the prince harry launch your book The media claim that the duke of sussex will not save anything this time.

Everything indicates that the prince harry He is more than determined to tell the truth about the treatment he and his family have received in royalty, although this would be an appetizer, since it is claimed that he can touch much deeper and hurtful topics for royalty.

After months of speculation, the prince finally revealed more details about his memoir, which would bear the name “Spare«, and that he will share with the public the next January 10.

Those who are not very happy with the publication of the memoirs are the British royal family, and the media affirm that they are feeling a lot of suspense and fear of what happens in the future.

«I know a lot has been left up in the air and there’s a £35m book deal here, so don’t underestimate the pair or their ability to surprise and drop a few more bombs just when you thought there wasn’t.“, the author clarified Katie Nicoll.

What is certain is that the relationships of the royal members could change abruptly, and not for the better, this would reach the point of ending relationships of siblings, parents or grandparents in the family.