British Ambassador Melinda Simmons told how the nights go in Ukraine. She spoke about this in Twitter.

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The diplomat briefly described everyday life in Ukraine in the face of power outages and rocket attacks from Russia.

“A nighttime ritual in Ukraine: a flashlight by the bed, a bag by the door, a charger by the laptop, a set of warm clothes at hand. This is life,” Simmons said.

The Ambassador stressed that such a reality should not become the norm.

“This is not normal and should never be normal,” she wrote.

  • Russia regularly shells energy facilities and residential buildings of the civilian population of Ukraine. As a result, the Ukrainian energy system has received serious damage – it is necessary to carry out both planned and emergency power outages throughout the country. Due to air alerts, the civilian population of Ukraine is forced to spend a lot of time in shelters.
  • November 15 Russia launched a massive missile strike in Ukraine, about 70% of them knocked down air defense.

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Natalia Medvedeva

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