The silicone sex bomb and the new girlfriend of Karlos Vmola (37) Lela (33) have filled them to the last detail, just like all accessories. She wanted to fulfill the big Mr. partner, who wanted not only a beautiful bride, but also a tomato busty with a huge reputation. How is Mr. Vmolov doing?

A huge dress, a huge skirt, a train and a crown on the head. She wouldn’t be Lela Ceterovnew Vmolov, so that she does not blow the breath of her partner and the other wedding guests with her wedding clothes.

Song the way you wanted it Karlos Vmola pl. He wanted her to be a princess, but at the same time that she should be a tomato woman who is not afraid to show her silicone lips and things that really mean more to him.

Lela like a princess.

And the mother of daughter Lili and son Rocky fulfilled such a promise perfectly. A song based on the example of the eastern honey, she wanted to have everything on herself, the crown is modeled after Ice’s kingdom, which the boy loves, and millions of diamond feathers on the neck and in the ears.


Lela is like a princess by her father’s side.

The self-proclaimed Terminator was completely gifted when he was waiting for the woman of his life on the pier of the Obansk ferry. When he saw the bride, his chin fell.

To some people, they may look too opulent, dusty, but when you think about the style of the guy with the MMA fighter, you can actually be sorry that she didn’t drink almost naked.