The bride cheated on her groom on her wedding day with his relative

A bride decided to force her friends to pay for her wedding expenses after the ceremony was canceled due to her infidelity. About it told Reddit forum user.

The author’s friend, 29-year-old Dana, was supposed to marry 32-year-old Josh in January. The girl began to behave strangely while preparing for the celebration. According to the girl, she forced all the bridesmaids to try on dresses, and then forced each one to pay two thousand dollars for the dress she liked. She also forbade the groom to invite any unmarried women other than family members to the wedding. Dana tried to convince her friends to cancel their plans for a bachelorette party at the resort.

However, the wedding day turned out to be even more dramatic than all the bride’s whims that preceded it. Dana was in a bad mood all morning and screamed at her friends and organizers. It was difficult to calm her down, and half an hour before the ceremony the bride asked to be left alone to cope with her emotions. The author of the post was waiting for the wedding to begin in the chapel when another bridesmaid suddenly approached her and informed her that the wedding had been cancelled. It turned out that Josh caught Dana having sex with his uncle.

The groom’s family felt that the fines for canceling the wedding and all expenses should fall on the bride, because the cancellation was her fault. During the scandal, Dana’s father said that he would not help her with money.

The author of the post left the failed celebration and promised herself that she would no longer communicate with Dana. However, her ex-fiancee soon called her to demand five thousand dollars to pay for the canceled wedding. In her opinion, helping with paying the bill was the duty of her friends towards her. The girl refused and asked her never to call again.

Previously in India relatives of the bride learned about her secret wedding and got into a fight with the groom’s relatives. The bride’s parents discovered that she had gotten married after the wedding ceremony had already ended.

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