The bride brought his ex-girlfriends to the wedding secretly from the groom

IN China the bride decided to play a trick on the groom and invited his ex-girlfriends to the wedding. About it writes News Nine.

A bride named Liu from the region Chongqing wanted to test the strength of her chosen one when she found out that several of her friends had previously dated a man. She secretly invited them to the wedding and made them bridesmaids.

Arriving at the ceremony site and seeing his ex-girlfriends, the groom was surprised, but did not express any strong emotions. Having recovered from the surprise, he calmly began the wedding rituals.

When social media users saw pictures from the ceremony, they praised the man for his restraint and called the girl “dangerously playful.” Some commentators admired her confidence in her partner and lack of jealousy. However, someone shared the opinion that “inviting your ex to a wedding is always a bad idea, even if nothing happened in this case.”

Previously in Nigeria offended woman burned the house of her husband, who promised to divorce her, but did not keep his word. Before this, she tried to solve the problem with the help of a sorcerer, but the magic did not work.

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