The crisis that fans have been speculating about is far from over. After Tamara Klusov (34) disturbed the regiment of Instagram with painful words about leaving the social scene and needing to spend more time with herself, it started to be said that the family of Klusov’s powers is a little bit off. Tom Klus (36), who, on the other hand, is bragging about one photo after another in love with his girlfriend and announcing that they are dating again like they were young!

There was a lot of speculation about the manhood Tom Klus and his muscles Tamara through crisis While the singer was playing festivals, Klusov announced that she was withdrawing from social media and was prescribing a digital detox. But how does it turn out, from all her social networks, she has narrowed down to Tom’s. Klus posted one photo with the model after another on his Instagram, almost as if he was trying to convince the public that everything is fine between them and the day of the crisis does not end.

Lady Gucci took a selfie with her Tom. A week spent without dt.

And let’s not stop, even though he flashed a smiling selfie from the tennis court the other day.

The children are with grandma and we have ourselves growled Klus, satisfied with the fact that he’d been dating a woman all week just like he used to.

It’s not that stupid that fans were afraid of Tamara sp.

I can bring out emotions, and when I was a bit physical. So it’s a pretty destructive program that I should really get rid of somehow, pemtala for example.

She then announced a digital detox to prison with the statement that she wants to spend more time with herself.

And since Tom was on tour, fans began to wonder about their relationship. Especially when she added a confused photo to her status, which she is not looking at cheerfully…

Tamara Klusov worried her fans on social media.

Many experts recommend just such a digi detox, according to which we often prefer to browse the streets rather than devote ourselves to our families.

So far, Klusov has only fulfilled her promise to fight back, but she has frozen her profile, but she is still on Tomov.

Another date like a young woman!