the boys of bts they are finally back in the hearts of their fans with new completely exclusive content, ‘Mini Field Day’ is the name of the new project of the South Korean group, which is already available on the group’s official channel on YouTube.

And it is that it is nothing more and nothing less than a special episode of RUN BTS, the charming series of the group that has already been broadcast for several years, and they have several episodes already recorded just before they Jin He will enter compulsory military service on December 13.

In this new chapter, Jin, JiminTaehyung, jungkookJ-Hope, RM, and suga They had really hilarious scenes filled with a lot of fun, and that is that the idols did everything possible to demonstrate their sports skills in an epic way, resulting in a delivery of RUN BTS that will go down in history.

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At the beginning of 2023, it was thought that the RUN saga had ended, but everything seems to indicate that the boys have much more material to give to armythe official name of the fandom, which are full of excitement to see what the next project of the HYBE boys will be.