The blogger revealed effective ways to identify Russians abroad

A Russian travel blogger and traveler revealed several effective ways to identify compatriots abroad. The corresponding entry appeared on his personal blog on the platform “Zen”.

The author of the publication reported that between citizens Russia there is a “certain invisible connection” that becomes especially vivid when they find themselves abroad. “In this world of global diversity and cultural differences, Russians have certain characteristics that make them recognizable in almost every corner of the planet,” he added.

According to the traveler, the first sign is an indescribable nostalgia in the eyes. He noted that Russians, being far from their homeland, often experience deep longing for it. “This nostalgia is revealed in conversations about native places, in tender memories of grandmother’s pie or the sounds of native dialect,” he explained.

The second characteristic is related to the love of Russian nature. The eyes of compatriots living abroad begin to shine when it comes to endless steppes or lakes. “The third characteristic point is the “Russian soul,” said the blogger. “Russians abroad always retain their unique warmth and hospitality.”

The traveler emphasized that they love to share their traditions and treat friends and acquaintances to dishes of Russian cuisine. “Their warmth and openness make them favorites in any company,” he wrote.

The fourth characteristic, which, according to the blogger, sets Russians apart from the rest, is associated with their ineradicable belief in a better future. “Regardless of the difficulties they face abroad, Russians always find the strength to believe in a bright tomorrow,” he concluded. “Their optimism and vitality infect those around them, creating an atmosphere of hope and confidence around them.”

Earlier in November, someone who moved from Czech Republic man to Russia named advantages of living in the country. According to the Czech, living in the Russian Federation is better than in Europe. First of all, he noted that it was in this country that he found opportunities to realize himself.

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