The blogger revealed an effective way to stop hair loss

Yoga instructor and blogger Claudia Mirallegro revealed in TikTok an effective way to stop hair loss.

An influencer with the nickname claudiamirallegro said that she wanted to grow her hair, but it was brittle and regularly fell out. For this reason, the user tried an effective home care method.

So, she advised mixing a quarter cup of coconut oil, the same amount of castor oil and two teaspoons of rosemary oil in one container. Then, according to her, she applied the resulting mixture to the scalp and along the entire length of the hair and left it overnight.

According to Mirallegro, the resulting product helped her cope with baldness and grow long curls. “This mask helps improve the quality of your strands,” she concluded.

Formerly a doctor named for Russians, bedding that improves skin and hair. Trichologist and candidate of medical sciences Anastasia Kurskaya said that cotton pillowcases should be replaced with silk ones in order to change the condition of curls and facial skin.

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