The prince harry brought many secrets of the royal family to light in his recent autobiography, which was published on January 10, in a book called “Sparewhere he said that he and his wife, Meghan Markle, they were victims of members of the British Crown.

In the book, the prince harry tells that he saw Camilla Parker as the «Villain» at the marriage of his father, King Carlos III, and he also tells that he considered her as «dangerous«. He also commented that king charles she had a very difficult time raising her two sons, Harry and William.

In one part of the book, the Duke of Sussex commented on how difficult it was to accept the death of his mother, the Princess Diana, And how that issue in his life ended up sealing the relationship he had with his brother and it is believed that it reached the point of ending his relationship with his entire family.

In one part of the book, the prince harry He revealed that his mother had bought him a gift to give him on his birthday.

On Harry’s birthday, a celebration was held at his school, where Harry had the chance to choose two flavors for the drinks, to which he chose Blackcurrant and Mango, flavors that were his mother’s favorites. At the time of blowing out the candles, Harry could make a wish and it is believed that he would have wished that his mother was alive and just at that moment his aunt Sarah appeared with a box in her hand and according to Harry, “she appeared by magic«.

At the moment of tearing the wrapper and opening the box, he realized that the gift was an Xbox, which was the perfect gift for Prince Harry, since he was a lover of video games.

His aunt told him that this gift had been bought by his mother, Lady Di, before the accident for her birthday while she was in Paris.

However, readers have found inconsistency in these revelations, since the Xbox that the Duke of Sussex mentions in his stories did not go on sale until 2001, that is, four years after his mother’s accident.