The influencer, socialite and owner of ‘Skims’ Kim Kardashian, has decided to outdo herself in gifts given on the occasion of her boyfriend Pete Davidson’s birthday.

At the time of the comedian’s birthday, which was a few weeks ago, their romance had just begun and she found the perfect idea: a gift with a more sentimental than material value that allowed the comedian to fulfill one of his dreams. And I know that if the Kim proposes it to her, the Kim will get it for you, and she made the rapper Flavor Flav, one of her boyfriend’s favorites, agreed to go to the house that his mother Kris jenner (66) has in Palm beach to spend a few hours with Pete, as confirmed now by the ‘gift’ in question.

“They are like my family, I don’t know if I explain myself,” the musician revealed in a statement to ET Canada to explain what he was doing with Pete.

Kris and Kim in the photos he shared on his Instagram on the day of the party. “And I was very honored to be in his presence throughout the evening. What I can say is that Pete loves Flavor Flav. He doesn’t stop talking about how much he likes me, he repeats it all the time. In the end, Kim said, ‘Okay, for your birthday, you’re going to have Flavor Flav.’ He got in touch with me and that’s how I ended up there. “