And of all smartphones, the iPhone 13 Pro Max “lived” the longest with the smallest battery capacity.

iPhone 13 Pro Max holds a charge longer than other top smartphones / photo REUTERS

Today, one of the most important parameters of a smartphone is its time. battery life. Author and host of YouTube channel TechNick tested according to the operating time of seven top smartphones from different brands in order to find out which of them holds a charge longer than the others.

Among them were Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Vivo X80 Pro, HONOR Magic4 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra, OnePlus 10 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. During the test, smartphones were used as usual: social networks, shooting and watching videos, downloading games, etc.

  • Despite the fact that of all smartphones, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the smallest battery capacity (4352 mAh), he “lived” the longest. His working time was 8 hours.
  • In second place was the OnePlus 10 Pro with a battery life of 7 hours and 53 minutes, and in third was the Galaxy S22 Ultra with 7 hours and 26 minutes.
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro holds the weakest charge: it lasted only 6 hours and 8 minutes.
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How to extend the life of your smartphone battery

One of the most common mistakes that users make is completely draining their smartphone to 0% before recharging. According to the recommendations of experts, it is best to put the phone on charge in the range of 40-80%. This approach will significantly increase battery life.

In this regard, it is highly not recommended to leave the smartphone on charge all night in order to avoid unwanted 100% charge. If circumstances force you to connect to the outlet at night, use energy-saving outlets or install special applications such as Accu​Battery and set the allowable maximum charge to 80%.

More about how to take care of your battery, what’s damaging your phone’s battery, and how to extend its normal life, read our post.

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