The LFA has already announced the winners of the accompanying polls in individual positions today. As expected, Staněk became the best goalkeeper, his teammate Jean-David Beauguel was the forward, the Slavist Alexander Bah was the defender and his teammate from Eden Holeš was the midfielder.

Tomáš Holeš from Slavia (right) plays the ball in the air in a match against Slovácko.

Surprisingly, Beauguel, who is the best scorer of the league season with 18 goals and 22 points, is also currently the most productive player, did not make it to the final three of the main poll. The French forward finished in fourth place.

His teammate Staněk was one of Victoria’s mainstays on the way to an unexpected title. The 26-year-old goalkeeper has 14 collected zeros before the end of the competition, which is the most in the year. In addition, Pilsen has the best defense of all teams with 21 goals collected.

Czech goalkeeper Jindřich Staněk during his national team debut in Belgium.

Another aspirant for the victory in the main category, the Spartan Hložek, is the best recorder of the league season with 13 goals. The 19-year-old offensive universal added eight goals and is one point behind Beauguel in the productivity table.

Holeš, who surprisingly did not reach the title with Slavia, can follow up on last year’s championship from Eden midfielder Lukáš Provod in the LFA poll. The 29-year-old Czech national team has hit 26 duels with a balance of two goals and one assist this season, but its position is rather defensive.

As expected, Michal Bílek was among the top three in the coaching category, leading Pilsen to the first title after four years. Besides him, Miroslav Koubek, who will take sixth place in the table with the rookie of the competition, Hradec Králové, and the Slavic coach Jindřich Trpišovský can also win. The categories of foreigner, personality and discovery of the season and the best player according to the fans’ vote will also be announced on Sunday.

Pilsen coach Michal Bílek watches his charges during a home fight with Sparta.

The accompanying polls were dominated by Pilsen and Slavic players. Among the goalkeepers, Staněk left the Slavic Aleš Mandous and the third Matúš Macík from Olomouc in second place. The second Pilsen captain Lukáš Hejda stayed behind the Danish team Slavia Bahem and the Spartan Dávid Hancko reached the third place.

In the midfielders, Holeš defeated the second Adam Vlkan from Hradec Králové and the third Ondřej Lingr, a teammate from Eden. Among the attackers, Holeš finished second behind the victorious Beauguel, and Václav Jurečka from Slovácko, who is still fighting for the title of King of Shooters, was third.

In the LFA poll for the whole season, 32 coaches and captains from all units of the first and second leagues and the same number of journalists voted.