The best exercises for vigor have been revealed

Exercise therapy instructor at the Department of Rehabilitation and Recovery of the Mariinsky Hospital Ilya Tarasov named the best exercises for vigor. His words lead “Doctor Peter”.

To begin with, Tarasov advised lying on your back, bending your elbows and clasping your fingers on your chest. Then you need to straighten your arms in a lock in front of you, put them behind your head and stretch up a little, then return your arms in front of you and lower them to your elbows.

When performing the next exercise, you need to spread your arms to the sides, while reaching with your right hand towards your left palm and twisting at the lower back, and then you need to return to the starting position. When performing the last exercise, the expert recommended sitting on the bed and stretching your arms in front of you. Then you need to stretch to the right edge of the bed and return to the starting position.

August 20, somnologist Herve Syõru told on the effect of exercise on nighttime sleep. A study of older adults found that exercise nearly halved the time it took to fall asleep and increased sleep duration by 41 minutes.

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