So much Jungkook What Jimin, members of BTS, They have shown their great love on different occasions, and one of them was so beautiful that it completely fell in love with everyone. ARMY.

On different occasions, Jungkook and Jimin have allowed them to be seen going out together, either to eat or party, however, there was an action that made the golden maknae of BTS with his partner which made everyone tender and moved. What did he do?

He was an ARMY originally from China which told the whole story of this beautiful act of love, since he decided to attend the restaurant where the members of bts they were in the White day, detailing that the lady who attended them did not know that Jimin and Jungkook were in the place.

The lady who was attending began to tell the ARMY boy what happened with Jungkook and Jimin, detailing that “the older boy really took care of the younger boy.”

However, it turns out that everything happened the other way around, because the lady at the restaurant thought that the Golden Maknae was the oldest, since he was “the tallest and most handsome” while Jimin described him as a “pretty” boy.

He further stated that Jungkook was in charge of roasting the meat on the grill to later put it in the bowl of Jimin and even rolled it up and fed it, but as if this were not enough, the youngest member of the group blew on the soup for his partner to eat and still told him to be careful because it was still hot.

After this event, when the ARMY found out, they couldn’t help but feel touched, as it shows the great love that exists between both idols.