It is the longest in these Moneta Money Bank assets. From June to August, the so-called Milostiv lto II. The bank’s clients who are in foreclosure have the opportunity to pay the principal by the end of August. The bank, in return, forgives them all sanction fees and years.

The event also applies to clients who were more than 90 days in arrears on May 31 of this year with the fulfillment of their financial obligations to the bank. They have seven years to repay the principal debt.

Moneta thus decided to go out to clients who, even in the context of the deteriorating economic situation, found themselves in the current financial need, but they have enough to meet their financial obligations in the future. At the end of May, the bank’s offer covered five thousand contracts. This means that Moneta is ready to forgive 115 million crowns at the moment, said Tom Spurn, chairman of the board.

Last year, Air Bank was one of the first private companies to join Milostivho. At that time, the team addressed two thousand clients with an individual offer to help deal with the execution, which arose as a result of non-compliance with this institution.

At that time, about 150 clients contacted us at our event. We agreed on the conditions of the paid. These were flows from thousands of thousands to several hundred thousand crowns, Air Bank said.

If the first law of Merciful Summer II goes through the entire legislative process in its current form, then Komern banka is very likely to join. There were details about the conditions so far, but she said, reminding that Komern banka offers clients who find themselves in a difficult situation, assistance and a suitable answer. A necessary condition is the open approach of the client who wants to actively solve his situation, said Komern banka’s speaker Pavel Zbek.

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mind run Milostiv lto II, confirmed esk spoitelna. She joined last year, when 695 clients approached her with enough debt.

For 425 clients, the process was completed, when these clients paid the principal in the total amount of 31 million crowns and Spoitelna subsequently waived the payment of so-called debt obligations (years, years of arrears, fee for arrears, ed. Note) in the amount of 89 million crowns. crown. For 91 clients, the process could not be completed because they did not meet any of the final conditions, explained Filip Hrub, a spokesman for the Czech Savings Bank.

SOB considers the activities in the framework of Milostivho lta to be approached by banks, but according to its press spokesman, they do not have a concrete full in the bank yet.